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Learning countries and capitals is a tedious task for kids as well as adults. This app tries to simplify this by making the learning process a bit more fun. Instead of listing all the countries and dependent territories together, they have been grouped by continents. You can study the capitals, zoom into the map to explore the continent, and then take a quiz provided for each continent. You will be amazed to find out that learning countries and capitals is not boring after all! Ideal app for those who want to be geography bees.


Other Features:

★ Now featuring a free apps for iphone Find Countries game that can bring hours of challenge and fun. In this game, you will be tasked to find out a given country or territory by touching one of the four pins on the selected continent while on the satellite view. The view changes to standard mode after you answer the question. You will score a point for each correct answer. Play this game to reinforce your geographical knowledge.
★ Directly zoom to a country/territory from the Study page.

Full version is ad-free, and features a one-touch access to the encyclopedia for each of the countries and continents. you can download free iphone apps Just touch the pin on the map during the study mode, and you will be taken to the Wikipedia page for that country or continent without having to leave the app. You can learn about the flags, anthems, currencies, history, geography, demographics, culture, and many more! You can also click on the links within the page to view the linked content and then use the back button to go back to the previous page.

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