Quiz Game Source Code For iPhone

Mobileappsgallery Provides Many latest iPhone source code for quiz game source code for iphone and they also provides android quiz source code for download.

quiz game source code

Play & Win Mega Millions.This is very popular game now available in android free source code & in iPhone, iPad….enjoy to be Millionaire:)

How to Play
-See all the instruction,than enter your name and start the game.
-You have to choose one of the answers from 4 given option.
-Three lifeline are given (1) 50-50 (2) call a friend (3) audience poll, you can choose it anytime.
-You also walk away from the quiz any time.
-You will get a cheaque that’s for sure:).

Play this game and let your Dream come true.

Featuring 2000+ Random Question & Answers, It will definitely make your dream come true with very little effort to win Mega Millions.

-User Instruction is given for reference.
-Three life line is given (1) 50-50 (2) call a friend (3) audience poll
-Background music is awesome
-2000+ questions & answers.

Customers Review
-I won 1 Million dollar, It’s awesome filling to win these amount of money, really great guys..
-The question and answers are well chosen.
-I really enjoyed the game..and now it’s my favorite time pass.

Source: http://mobileappsgallery.weebly.com/1/post/2012/03/quiz-game-source-code-for-iphone.html


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