Prepare Your Own Halloween Games For The Festival This Year

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The Halloween is a very famous festival which is celebrated around the world on October 31st and on this day a huge costume parties are held. The Children’s go trick and treating from house to house on this day of the year. The people on this day dress up as witches, ghosts and some scary animal figures and also some characters from some famous horror films, TV shows or books.

The Halloween games are also equally loved by all the kids who enjoy this festival. The Halloween festival of 2015 is closing very fast and due to this reason it is the best time to create Halloween game on your own and have it published onto the appstore so that you can start quick revenue. SellMySourceCode offers you the best variety of Halloween day game source codes for android which you can easily modify changes on it as per your imaginations and be ready with your own totally new game much before the festival arrives.

Here are few of the top Halloween Day game source codes.


• An epic adventure Halloween game for kids with lot of different monsters.
• The monsters have got themselves injured on their legs and they urgently need a doctor.
• Become an extraordinary Halloween monster doctor and heal the injuries of all of your scary patients.



• The latest Halloween dresses are ready for all the girls and have some fun with the spooky and scary Halloween dresses.
• Prepare some stylish outfits for the Halloween day by yourself in this game.
• Make some scary looks, wear masks, become a Zombie and a lot of different activities in this game.



• The Halloween monsters are tired after their long day of scaring people in their homes and now they need a quick massage.
• Give a comfortable back massage to all the different Halloween monsters in your Halloween massage salon.
• Do lot of spooky activities and help the Halloween enjoy the party.



• The biggest surprise for all the Halloween fans by Game Castor the “Halloween Spa Mania
• A lot of different Halloween monster girls are waiting in line for the big day and they need your help with their scary makeover.
• Help those messy monster girls with their style and Halloween makeover.
• Also choose from tins of different makeover tools and get them ready for a fun and scary spa experience.

These Android source codes are very simple to edit and also to give it the different effects and editing as per your imagination. Purchase your favorite Halloween game source code and start building your own game easily and also view lot more of the similar category.

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Review Of Best iPhone Apps – Free Apps For iPhone

Learning countries and capitals is a tedious task for kids as well as adults. This app tries to simplify this by making the learning process a bit more fun. Instead of listing all the countries and dependent territories together, they have been grouped by continents. You can study the capitals, zoom into the map to explore the continent, and then take a quiz provided for each continent. You will be amazed to find out that learning countries and capitals is not boring after all! Ideal app for those who want to be geography bees.


Other Features:

★ Now featuring a free apps for iphone Find Countries game that can bring hours of challenge and fun. In this game, you will be tasked to find out a given country or territory by touching one of the four pins on the selected continent while on the satellite view. The view changes to standard mode after you answer the question. You will score a point for each correct answer. Play this game to reinforce your geographical knowledge.
★ Directly zoom to a country/territory from the Study page.

Full version is ad-free, and features a one-touch access to the encyclopedia for each of the countries and continents. you can download free iphone apps Just touch the pin on the map during the study mode, and you will be taken to the Wikipedia page for that country or continent without having to leave the app. You can learn about the flags, anthems, currencies, history, geography, demographics, culture, and many more! You can also click on the links within the page to view the linked content and then use the back button to go back to the previous page.

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Hungry Devil iPhone Game Source Code now Available on MobileAppsGallery

Buy iPhone Game of Hungry Devil and Get your own game in Apple app-store.

Hungry Devil iPhone game is a crazy and mild heavy challenge game actually launched on the iPhone.

Hungry devil iPhone game is to cut the rope to nourish sweets to hungry devil. You need to gather silver coins found exciting new stages in this extreme iPhone source code of fun game. This is a best challenge game where you need to cut the rope and deal with the devil with sweets, you need to gather celebrity as many as you can, and each stage delivers you new enjoyment and fun. There are a few guidelines to creating it to the last stage and getting a higher ranking in this game!

Hungry Devil iPhone Game Source CodeWe offer complete source code of the experience to our useful clients with 25% lower price. Get this hungry devil iPhone game source code now and create your own game same as Cut the Rope game. You should just modify some pictures name, characters and then you can put it to apple app store for selling. After acceptance of apple store when your game is stay for customers then you began earning cash immediately.

Features of the iPhone Game Source Code:

– Involve stunning design and Performance.
– 20+ Interesting levels
– Excellent graphics
– Finish process to discover next levels
– Discuss your ratings with your Facebook or MySpace and Tweets friends

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Buy Latest Christmas / Paper Toss iPhone Source code for iPhone Device

Christmas Toss or Paper Toss is very interesting and latest iPhone game for kids and also for youngsters. This game is same as paper toss in which you have to throw a crumpled paper in to trash basket, but in this game you have to fill the Santa’s  Bag with Gifts. Throw gifts to Santa’s bag as possible as you can and you earn some points and also coins to play more levels.

Christmas - Paper Toss iPhone Game Source codeMobileAppsGallery is very famous mobile apps/games source code selling website in all over world. We provide free iphone and android apps with download facility for you. Currently you can buy Christmas Toss – Paper Toss iPhone game source code from MobileAppsGallery with 25% discount.

Christmas /Paper Toss iPhone Game  Includes Following Features:

  • Amazing and Eye-catching graphics
  • 8 different levels of varied difficulty
  • Innovative flick control on Gift throw
  • Custom Animated Gifts
  • Retina Display support with high-resolution graphics for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5
  • This game is also available for iPad

Download game from iTunes at

You can purchase Christmas / Paper Toss iPhone game source code now with 25% discount from us and make your own game like Paper Toss. You have to change some images and icons only for submit it to App Store for review. Using this game source code you can earn great revenue through App Store.

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Download Animate Photo Frames iPhone Apps Source Code

In this animate photo frame iPhone app source code, you will be able to produce such a lot of apps. you’ll be able to take any kind of frames and change name of this iPhone application source code by there with frame name and all images and that is it you are finished new app.

In this iPhone app source code once touch on 1st display it’ll navigate to inner display wherever you’ll choose differing kinds of icon frames, you have got to pick out one photo frame and then click next. Currently you have to pick out one icon from camera or images gallery that wish to border. Click next currently in fourth display you may ready to add text, you’ll conjointly handle text vogue, font size, font color & transparency. you’ll conjointly edit & rotate text on the frame. Now in your drained next screen you’ll Share that icon frame together with your icon & text with widespread Social Networking Sites like Facebook, E-mail to your contacts and transfer to iPhone/iPad icon Gallery. You have countless fun by this iPhone application source code.

Animate Photo Frame iPhone App Source Code

How to Modify Animate Photo Frames iPhone Application Source Code:

  1. Change app title or name
  2. Change the all pictures
  3. Change all audio sounds

Now, your application is ready. You can operate this application and see your new application with your selected character. Now you are prepared to put this application in Apple Store for sell.

Animate Photo Frames iPhone app features:

  • User-friendly navigation
  • You’ll get iPhone as well as iPad both
  • You can select photo frame from given collection, which includes 250+ photo frames.
  • You can include images from gallery and Camera
  • You can add and edit text, color, font, size.
  • Easy manage and modify data.
  • Share images via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and E-mail.

In case buy, animate photo frames iPhone app source code then you can develop these types’ applications:

  • 3D Photo Frame Effect
  • Modify Water Effects
  • Celebration Day Photo Frames
  • Touch Effects
  • Special Day Photo Frame
  • Sexy Photo Frame
  • Attractive Photo Frame

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Animate Photo Frames iPhone App Source Code

Apple Minor Update of Retina MacBook

Apple has updated both the 13-inch and the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros with minor speed enhancements.

The entry level 15-inch Pro now sports a 2.4GHz quad-core i7 chip, up from 2.3GHz, and the high end model now comes with a 2.7Ghz chip instead of a 2.6Ghz chip.

Apple’s 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro has been updated as well, and the high end version now comes with a 2.6GHz processor and 256GB of flash storage. Apple dropped the prices on the 13-inch Retina Pros.

Apple Retina MacBook UpdateThe entry level version is now priced at $1,499 with 128GB of flash, while the aforementioned high end model retails for $1,699.

MacBook Air seekers will also be pleased to know that the 13-inch MacBook Air with 256GB of flash storage has a new low price of $1,399.

Both the updated Retina MacBook Pros and the lower priced MacBook Air are available for purchase today through the Apple Online Store and at Apple retail locations.

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Download Android Valentine Live Wallpaper App Source Code

Enjoy love with valentine day live wallpaper free android apps download, this is wonderfully animated wallpaper with a heart and I am in love coming back message. Talk about it with your beloved ones!

Right after download, click lengthy on the screen, tap the valentine live wallpaper area and select valentine day live wallpaper to set it on your display.

Hearts beat with flowery snap. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your partner by spreading and installing valentine live wallpaper. This live wallpaper will support you to propose to your girlfriend by hitting the reveal choices. Valentine wallpaper also includes much more eye-catching options that involve:

Valentine Live Wallpaper Source CodeFEATURES:

– Many Heart colors
– Flying objects in various types, speed and direction
– Custom-made texts on heart
– Customized pictures from your gallery
– Choose your favorite Photo frames
– Various typefaces
– Customizable Font colors
– Sharing option
– Shinning hearts with impressive high quality
– Sweep result on hearts
– Snowflakes, hearts, stars falling objects
– Falling items type settings
– Set background reddish sectors
– Top quality design and custom free live wallpaper
– Display positioning and zoom alternatives.

MobileAppsGallery provides Valentine live wallpaper android source code . You can download fully android applications source code on 25% discount. You must change title, pictures, and some codes thus ready your latest unique application. MobileAppsGallery also offers free android apps for download.

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New Year Special Offer – 25% Discount on iPhone/Android Apps Source Code

Happy New-year 2013, we wish you all a happy new year 2013. MobileAppsGallery providing iPhone app and android apps and also iPhone and android application source code at affordable rate. Our special offer for New Year 2013 is 25% Discount on any source code for iPhone applications as well as Android. Best Offer to buy any iPhone and android source code and get Special New Year 25% Discount.

1. Jigsaw Puzzle Game Android Apps Source Code

Jigsaw Puzzle Game Source Code.You has to add your images only no need to cut or re size your things, the coding will do itself. You only require putting images and give the name in coding file. You are done with your new app. You can put various app like any celebrities, animals, hot girls, etc.

Watch Video on YouTube

Features of the application: Jigsaw Puzzle app

  • User friendly tap to navigation
  • You can add multiple images
  • Three levels, Easy, Medium & high given.
  • For user help Hint button is given.
  • You can exit from the screen anytime by tapping on Exit button.

In this code first will be a display of Main Screen image and then when you tap to that screen it will navigate to puzzle file. We also gave a hint button over there so user can see original image. When you click on setting button it allows you set Level Setting & Audio Setting.

2. Animate Photo Frames iPhone Source Code

Using this Animate Photo Frame iphone apps source code you can create so many applications. You can take any type of Frames and rename this iphone app source code by with that Frame name & images and that’s it you are done with new source code.

Features of the app Animate Photo Frame iPhone App Source Code:

  • You will get iPhone & iPad both
  • You can add photos from Gallery & from Camera
  • You can add/edit text,font,size,color,transparency.
  • Share photos via Facebook,Email & Download.
  • User friendly tab to navigation
  • Easy to handle and change data

In this source code when Tap on first screen it will navigate to inner screen where you can select different types of photo frames, you have to select one photo frame & than click next. Now you have to select one photo from camera/Photo library which want to frame.

3. Photo Effects/Photo Edit iPhone Source Code

The ultimate Photo Editor with Photo Effects! You can now edit your photos the way you like, rotate them in all possible directions, and apply up to 20 + FILTERS. There is no app that gives you more filters than Cam cool effects!!!

Why you should purchase this source code

  • 20 filters to give your photo the kind of look you want.
  • 10+ different frames.
  • 5 Editing tools including Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Blur and Sharpen.
  • Rotate your photos in all directions, or apply a mirror effect.
  • Share your photos on facebook, twitter, via email or simply save them into your Camera Roll.

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Download Cardagram Free iPhone Application From MobileAppsGallery

Cardagram converts your most lovely digital photos into the real postcards in simply a couple of clicks. By making use of photos from Facebook, Instagram or your iPhone, you can discuss your finest stories with your buddies and relatives in an exclusive and individual way even if you are at anywhere and also anytime. As viewed in TechCrunch, the energy radio cardagram and guardian has yet been the number one position in the French app store for tourism. Cardagram presents the most affordable value for Smartphone postcards. Deliver a postcard for the exclusive cost of £0.99 rather than £1.99! We will print out and deliver it for you to anyplace in the globe.

It is so simple to deliver postcards with this Cardagram application. You just simply follow bellowing steps to send postcards.

  • Select a photo from your Instagram, album, Facebook or get a different oneCardagram Free iPhone Application
  • Change the picture to the card’s structure
  • Create an individual word and pick out an appropriate photo for the postcard
  • Type the details of the person that receives your postcards
  • After then just send it

Customize your postcard in great resolution. Send out your postcard to a lot of buddies as you desire. Postcards will get there within a small period of time. For locations external of Europe it might carry a minimal more time. We provide an exclusive client support. We prefer to create your Cardagram experience as enjoyment and simple as achievable. We will reply your emails within just 48 hours.

You can use cardgram in very special journey moment, lots of invitations to deliver, huge headline to create as well as birthday celebration and many more etc. You can use cardgram in very special journey moment, lots of invitations to deliver, huge headline to create as well as birthday celebration and many more etc. You can send a postcard for every single memory.

To download Cardagram free iPhone applications from MobileAppsGallery.
You just follow

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Download Fee Jigsaw Puzzle collection iPhone Apps From MobileAppsGallery

Let’s get the pieces on the right place! Have a great time playing the Jigsaw Puzzle Collection for free! Just pick the puzzle you like, set your own environment and the fun can get started!
Fun for everyone!

Choose the difficulty level (easy, medium or hard) and the puzzle you want to complete. A large number of beautiful puzzles will leave you undecided. But undoubtedly you will find something you like-a large number of animals, famous paintings, beautiful landscapes, castles and much more!

free iphone applications

Set it the way you like!

  • Arrows – Tap on the arrow to rotate the piece. Turn it on/off
  • Rotation-Double tap also rotates the piece. Turn it on/off
  • Sound-Turn it on/off

Perfect table to collect the puzzle!

  • Table-choose the table you like most from the few different ones and drag the pieces on it.
  • Image preview-Tap the magnifier to get the image preview and drag the pieces to match it easier.
  • Edge pieces-To make it more interesting and faster you can always choose the option that will provide you with the edge pieces only.

Save the game!

If in a hurry you can always save the game and resume it whenever you want. The last played game will always wait for you to finish. Save all your games and see how fast you were-the time and the date are also recorded.

Watch the time!

See how fast you will finish the puzzle! See how skilful you are! The timer is there to remind you that time is ticking away! So don’t take so.

MobileAppsGallery offers free iPhone applications of Jigsaw Puzzle Collection apps. You can simply download source code for apps iPhone from us at reasonable rate. We also offer android app with source code at affordable rates.

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