Download Fee Jigsaw Puzzle collection iPhone Apps From MobileAppsGallery

Let’s get the pieces on the right place! Have a great time playing the Jigsaw Puzzle Collection for free! Just pick the puzzle you like, set your own environment and the fun can get started!
Fun for everyone!

Choose the difficulty level (easy, medium or hard) and the puzzle you want to complete. A large number of beautiful puzzles will leave you undecided. But undoubtedly you will find something you like-a large number of animals, famous paintings, beautiful landscapes, castles and much more!

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Set it the way you like!

  • Arrows – Tap on the arrow to rotate the piece. Turn it on/off
  • Rotation-Double tap also rotates the piece. Turn it on/off
  • Sound-Turn it on/off

Perfect table to collect the puzzle!

  • Table-choose the table you like most from the few different ones and drag the pieces on it.
  • Image preview-Tap the magnifier to get the image preview and drag the pieces to match it easier.
  • Edge pieces-To make it more interesting and faster you can always choose the option that will provide you with the edge pieces only.

Save the game!

If in a hurry you can always save the game and resume it whenever you want. The last played game will always wait for you to finish. Save all your games and see how fast you were-the time and the date are also recorded.

Watch the time!

See how fast you will finish the puzzle! See how skilful you are! The timer is there to remind you that time is ticking away! So don’t take so.

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